Beauty Tool Kit

Posted by Ana Lucy on Oct 10th 2018

Beauty Tool Kit

One of the important things as part of your beauty routine is having the right tools. With the right tools, you can control the amount of make-up, blend it as well as make mintor corrections. Even if you invest in high end products, it can still look bad when using the wrong tools for application.

Many of women do not invest in special brushes because they may be a little expensive and do not think they are really needed. The brushes and applicators that come with the cosmetics are ok but do not give a smooth seemless blended look. It is recommended that a natural hair brush is gentle to the skin and lasts longer. Once you invest in good brushes, you will not regret it.

There are eleven brushes that are suggested here to have in your beauty tool kit.

1. Under-Eye Brush - This is a thin flat paintbrush like brush and is about 1/4” in size. It is used to apply concealer under the eye.

2. Powder Brush - The largest brush of your beauty toolkit. Use this brush to apply your loose or pressed powder.

3. Blush Brush - This brush is slightly smaller than the powder brush but is one of the key brushes in your beauty toolkit to apply and blend your blush.

4. Coutour Brush - This brush is used for blending and removing excess and contouring the face.

5. Fan Brush - This brush is used for a light application of all powder products. It can also be used to remove excess.

6. Eyeliner Brush - Used wet to apply cake eyeliner or with concealer to make correction after foundation.

7. Eye Shadow Sponge - This applicator is good for applying and blending and smudging for a soft look.

8. Eye Shadow Fluff Brush - This brush is used to apply eye shadow lightly as well as a blender.

9. Eye Contour Brush - This brush has an angle shape which allows you to smooth out your color along the brow line.

10. Brow/Lash Brush -Use this brush to shape and sculpture the eyebrow. Also it can be used to separate lashes after mascara application.

11. Lipstick Brush - This brush is awesome for lining the perfect lip and applying lipstick.

Now you know the importance of quality brushes and how they will make a difference as part of your beauty routine and as a must have in your beauty tool kit.